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Gordon Watson – Social Media Consultant

  • What keywords are profitable to your business? Learn why keywords and phrases are the foundation to your online strategy and how they create better customer outcomes.
  • Learn how to increase website traffic by over 100% simply by creating and sharing good online content.
  • Over 70% of people searching online click organic links, not paid links, so is your business being found? Gordon has helped businesses increase their organic traffic by 300% within one years, by optimising online platforms.
  • Convert visitors to your website into tangible leads and learn how to nurture them to a purchase decision sooner by using simple online techniques
  • Increase the number of sales you make online by creating content that helps the customer through their ‘buyers journey’
  • Learn how to more than double your website traffic by blogging.
  • Learn how effective use of online platforms can place your business as a leader in a domestic or global market.
  • Don’t just dabble in online and social media – let Inbound Online Marketing drive your business and give you the edge over your competition.

Gordon is one of an elite group of Australians who is a certified in Inbound Marketing by Hubspot, the world’s largest online marketing platform and is passionate about Australian businesses getting their fair share of the online pie.
Gordon is a social media native who lives on the edge of what is happening in social and inbound marketing.
Gordon has worked for and consults to a range of Australian companies, large and small, including Datapod, AGL, Griffith University, Urbanmoney, real estate agents, travel agents and even political leaders.
Gordon takes a holistic approach to online and social media strategy, an approach that integrates and makes content a fundamental cornerstone of the overall marketing and communication of an organisation.
Gordon tailors his presentations and enjoys engaging with audiences looking to advance their social media skills and who are keen to learn new and innovative ways of maximising their social and online presence.

Travels: From Gold Coast.
Audio visual equipment: To be provided onsite