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Gold Coast swimmer Thomas Fraser-Holmes skips world short course champs with an eye on Rio

SOMETIMES less is more when it comes to preparation in elite swimming. This is the approach that Thomas Fraser-Holmes took in his decision to remove himself from contention for the world short course championships next month with an eye to ensuring he is in the best position possible to qualify for the 2016 Rio Olympics. Author Jack Harbour Full Story on Gold Coast Bulletin here

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Sleep HQ – Sleep Optimization Seminar

Overview Sleep has important biological and psychological functions regarding physiological processes, learning, memory and cognition. An individual’s sleep history has a marked impact on their daytime functioning. Restricting sleep to less than 6 h per night for four or more consecutive nights has been shown to impair physical performance, cognitive performance, decision-making, judgement, emotional intelligence, mood, appetite regulation and immune function. This has led to the recommendation that adults should obtain 8 h of sleep per night for optimal health, well-being and performance. Recent evidence suggests that 96% of Australian’s (of a survey of 13,089 individuals) report waking up tired. Poor sleep can be caused by numerous factors including: stress, anxiety, shift-work, jet-jag, poor routines, computer/phone use, caffeine intake and a poor sleeping environment. Individuals with high degrees of cognitive rumination and worry experience longer sleep latencies and poorer sleep quality. The impact of poor sleep on both the individual and the workplace is significant. Sleep-deprived individuals demonstrate increased absenteeism, decreased productivity, increased errors and increased illness. This seminar will outline to participants the importance of sleep for physical and psychological well-being, what may disturb sleep and practical strategies to enhance sleep Seminar Content 1. All You Need to Know About Sleep This section provides a basic understanding of the importance of sleep. When an individual has awareness of the importance of sleep and the reasons why people may not sleep well, adherence to recommendations for improving sleep is greater. Importance of sleep- the reasons why sleep is critical to psychological and physical health. Consequences of sleep deprivation- description of what happens to performance, mood, cognition (etc) when an individual is sleep deprived. Benefits of additional sleep- outline the improvements individuals can expect with enhanced [...]

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